Pet supply shops in Essex

Finding a local store

If you're looking for a dog food or pet supplies store in Essex, you'll find a list below, and their locations on the map, right. These days, specialist pet food or pet supplies shops seem to be pretty thin on the ground and while we have nothing against online vendors, we want to help our local shops, so this page only includes stores with physical shop premises in Essex.

To find a local dog food or pet supply store in your part of Essex, scroll down the page to find one in your area. For quick reference, the map on the right shows the location of stores around Essex.

To read more about a specific pet supplies store, click the 'More Information' button to see a description of products or services they offer, contact details and a map showing their location.

Essex Pet Stores

Want to add your shop to Essex Dogs?

If you own or manage a pet supplies store which has a physical shop here in Essex and which sells products for dogs and you would like to see your business listed here on the Essex Dogs website, please use the 'contact us' form to get in touch. If you include your business and website details, we will respond as soon as we are able.