Essex Dogs for all things dog in Esse

Join Essex Dogs is a website created to help promote local Essex-based businesses which offer services or products for dogs or their owners. The site is run on a non-profit basis and is free for all to use.

Although the categories of business listed may change over time depending on demand and how many businesses accept our invitation to join, we aim to include all types of dog services.  The Essex Dogs site currently includes conventional boarding kennels and pet hotels, dog walkers, dog groomers, dog trainers, dog homestay services and dog sitters, pet shops that sell dog products and foods, plus Essex-based dog rescue and rehoming organisations. Depending on interest we may also add sections for veterinary clinics and doggy daycare providers.

If you own or run a business offering any of these services and were not invited to join Essex Dogs but would like to, and as long as your business must be based in Essex and relates to dogs, click the button below to send us a message explaining who and what you are and we will reply as soon as we are able.

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